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The Satin Beauty Collection brand was started out of a passion for skincare and cosmetics. Most women spend a lot of money on expensive products to keep their face looking as young as possible. Besides the face, the hair is also important for a woman. Using a satin pillowcase is a smart way to pay attention to your skin and hair while you sleep, without having to do anything.


The average woman sleeps around eight hours a day. By sleeping on a pillowcase from our brand, you can naturally take care of your skin and hair while you sleep. Satin pillowcases from Satin-Pillow have a cooling effect. The reason for this is that your body heat does not go into the pillow. This is because of the satin fabric; it absorbs less moisture than most fabrics. In addition, the pillowcases are made of a dust mite resistant fabric. Because the weave has a high density, it gives bacteria and dust mites a smaller chance to crawl into your pillowcase. This makes Satin-Pillow very suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.


Often the average pillowcase has a rough fabric that can feel very hard against the skin. This is not the case with our pillowcase. Because of the dense and smooth weave of satin, there is hardly any friction with the skin. In this way, Satin-Pillow has a calming effect on restless and impure skin during sleep. Because of the lesser friction between the skin and the pillowcase, there are also fewer sleeping folds when waking up. The result is that you don't have to get rid of sleeping folds on your face in the morning anymore. Finally, the fabric has the advantage of not being absorbent. This means that your night cream can penetrate your skin better. This way, Satin-Pillow ensures that your night care has a better effect.


Hair care is often an important part for women. The finely woven satin fabric absorbs little or no moisture from your hair. This also gives a better effect for your hair care products. This results in less dehydrated hair while sleeping and thus less frizzy hair in the morning. Because of the soft weave, there is less friction with your hair. It lies more calmly and flatly, resulting in fewer split ends. Besides the healthier look, your locks will also shine more. By reducing friction, you won't wake up to a messy morning hairstyle. You'll have fewer tangles and be able to stay in bed longer in the morning. This also has a positive effect on your hair extensions. They stay in place better and they will last longer.


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