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Satin-Pillow Betere Nachtrust


An average woman sleeps about eight hours a day. By sleeping with the products of Satin Beauty Collection, you take care of your skin and hair in a natural way.

Satin-Pillow Stralende Huid


Satin-Pillow prevents excess sebum production and maintains the moisture balance in your skin and hair. This ensures that you wake up feeling radiant and refreshed.

Satin-Pillow Glanzend & Zacht Haar


Your standard pillowcase may be fine, but the rough fabric causes a lot of friction in your hair. Thanks to Satin Beauty Collection, you can wake up to healthier and more beautiful hair.

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It is a wonderful substance that is also super good for your skin and hair. It mainly helps against acne and greasy/fluffy hair. What more could you ask for?


What sleeps fine on the satin pillowcase satinpillow my curls remain beautiful and it is also good for your skin


I am in love with Satin Pillow! Waking up without tangles and a frizzy hair better doesn't happen. With this pillowcase it is not so bad/difficult to have curls


Very fine pillowcase that fits well around your pillow, feels good on your face and allows you to get up without any fluffy hair


Super with sensitive skin, I used to wake up with a stabby feeling because my skin got very dry over night. Now completely solved, thanks!


Satin Beauty Collection